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Linda Trombettas

Linda Trombettas creator of Dirty White Boy believes Dirty White Boy isn’t a fashion statement; it’s a way of life that includes more than just fashion. For decades Linda has been collecting vintage & used, Rock, Metal and Punk t-shirts . “Over the years as the t-shirt gets dirtier, softer, grimier and more worn in, it takes on a life of its own. It’s rugged, faded, and degrees of wear and tear are medals of experience. It’s a reflection of who you are.”  Drawing from her private collection, and searching out flea markets, segundas, and garage sales over the years the collection continued to grow.  “I wanted to create something that gives that rugged, dirty, lived-in, vintage, beat-up and sexed-up rock’n roll collective.  Roughing up the t-shirts until the right amount of rude excess is achieved. Each piece is recycled, custom, deconstructed, one of a kind. Rock t-shirts are Linda’s specialty. “Without a doubt, my favorite article of clothing is a good vintage t-shirt.  Nothing can really compare to a t-shirt passed down from previous generations, worn and loved to almost transparent softness, with holes in all the right places". Collecting and distressing tees it is an art form, one that communicates the passion and dedication of the wearer to the world. Not only is the wearer passionate about the bands, it shows their commitment to originality and craftsmanship.


You can’t buy a real worn-in rock’n roll tee or battle jacket at Target or Walmart. You have to make it yourself, just like in the good old days to show your devotion to the best musical genre on earth. Anyone who has ever tried to make one of these knows how painstaking the process is, from the placement of the patches and studs to the actual stitching and studding. These works of art can sometimes take months or years to fully complete, and others are in a constant state of progression. And above all, each piece shows the individuality of the wearer chosen to adorn this priceless garment. The metal/Rock vest is something that has survived the ages and is still going strong today. You have to have a decent amount of time and really into making shit, to spend the hours it takes to hand stud and sew patches on a vest- patience and dedication.


You can find Linda in her garage, amid her drums, old skool stereo, 66 mustang and posters covering the walls of all her favorite bands from AC/DC, VanHalen, Johnny Thunders, Motorhead and more. It is there that she finds solace and inspiration in creating, deconstructing, and recycling all that is Dirty White Boy.

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